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2017–2018 Kenneth I. Juster Fellows

Portrait of Kenneth I. JusterThe Weatherhead Center is pleased to announce its 2017–2018 class of Juster Fellows. Now in its seventh year, this grant initiative is made possible by the generosity of Kenneth I. Juster, former chair of the Center’s advisory committee, and recently named US Ambassador to India. Juster has devoted much of his education, professional activities, public service, and nonprofit endeavors to international affairs and is deeply engaged in promoting and understanding international relations. The Juster grant supports undergraduates whose projects have broad experiential components in international affairs. The newly named Juster Fellows—all of whom will be traveling this December and January—are as follows:

Puanani Brown, a senior environmental science and public policy concentrator, will conduct thesis research in Hawai‘i on food sovereignty and traditional Hawaiian agriculture in the context of the global food system.

Jullian Duran, a senior economics and government concentrator, will conduct thesis research on education reform, student socioeconomic mobility, and the “Citizens’ Revolution” in Ecuador.

Belèn Mella, a junior social studies concentrator, will travel to Chile to conduct exploratory thesis research on youth perceptions on, and participation in, Chilean politics.

Yong Han Poh, a sophomore East Asian studies and anthropology concentrator, will travel to Taiwan to support her research on the memories and perceptions of Japanese colonialism.

Cole Scanlon, a senior applied mathematics and economics concentrator, will travel to Pune, India, to finish research for his thesis investigating the characteristics of effective school leaders.

Alexandra Smith, a senior government and environmental science and public policy concentrator, will complete her thesis research in Cambridge on deliberative democracy and how it can shape public opinions on solar geoengineering.

Anthony Volk, a senior government and East Asian studies concentrator, will travel to Japan to complete his thesis research on political activism by foreign residents in Kawasaki City.

Adele Woodmansee, a junior organismic and evolutionary biology concentrator, will travel to Oaxaca, Mexico, to continue her thesis research on the connections between native corn, international immigration, and agricultural change in a Zapotec community.

Image of 2016-2017 Juster Fellows


The 2016–2017 Juster Fellows had lunch with Ambassador Kenneth I. Juster, former Weatherhead Center advisory committee chair, at the Harvard Faculty Club on September 22, 2017. Credit: Michelle Nicholasen