Fall 2016, Volume 31 Number 1

Image of Centerpiece cover fall 2016The fall 2016 issue of Centerpiece highlights the Center's recent activities, including student program and Canada Program updates and new books published by Weatherhead Center affiliates. Included in the student programs section is a brief research update from a former Juster fellow about a multimedia project on climate change-induced migration on the island of Kiribati. The feature, How Do Rebels Rule When They Win? by Kai M. Thaler, examines a variety of outcomes when civil wars end in rebel victories, as they have in Nicaragua, Uganda, and Liberia. Our annual Dispatches collection highlights summer research of three undergraduates who traveled to Canada, India, and France.

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Message from the Director
by Michèle Lamont

At the time of this writing, the world remains transfixed by the result of the American presidential election. Colleagues and friends beyond our borders who followed a particularly mercurial presidential campaign now speculate on what the future will bring. The global repercussions of what transpired on November 8 remain quite ill-defined and many colleagues fear the worst...

How Do Rebels Rule When They Win?
by Kai M. Thaler

It is rare in recent years when a civil war has not grabbed global headlines—be it the ongoing civil wars and international interventions in Syria and Yemen, the fragile peace process to end Colombia’s half-century-long war, or the secession and collapse into violence of South Sudan, to name a few. This increase in media coverage reflects a growing number of civil wars around the world: since World War II, civil wars have surpassed interstate wars as the most prominent form of large-scale violent conflict...

Dispatches: Undergraduate Researchers in the Field

Last spring, thirteen Harvard College students received travel grants from the Weatherhead Center to support their thesis field research on topics related to international affairs. Since their return in September, the Weatherhead Center has encouraged their Undergraduate Associates to take advantage of the Center’s research community...

At the Center

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