Student Programs

2021–2022 Graduate Student Associates

Group photo of the 2021-2022 Graduate Student Associates

The Graduate Student Associates (GSA) program is one of the Center's oldest and most valued programs. Directed by Erez Manela, professor of history and Weatherhead Center Faculty Associate, the program welcomes applicants from any of Harvard's graduate and professional schools. Thank you to this year's GSAs for all your hard work and dedication!

Undergraduate Associates 2022–2023

The following students have been appointed Undergraduate Student Associates for the 2022–2023 academic year and have received funding to support research and travel in connection with their senior thesis projects on international affairs. These students are being supported with funding from the Williams/Lodge International Government and Public Affairs Special Project Fund, the Hartley Rogers Family Fund, and the Canada Program.

Tzofiya Bookstein (Social Studies) will conduct research on the peace-building field of Israeli and Palestinian civil society, with a focus on national identity. 

Bridget Chemberlin (Social Studies; Film & Visual Studies) will conduct research on language and environment as determinants of Mohawk nationalism, in opposition to settler nationalism in the US and Canada.

Aysha Emmerson (Special Concentration in Resilience Studies; Social Anthropology) will study predominantly white-settler protesters’ motivations for involvement in the ongoing Fairy Creek Blockade on Vancouver Island.

Sophie Feldman (Social Studies; Language, Mind & Brain) will evaluate how female Norwegian Far-Righters discuss their own femininity, particularly in regards to immigration. 

Andre Ferreira (Government; History) will study the mental, emotional, and physical impacts of migration on individuals traveling from Mexico and Central America to the United States.

Olivia Fu (Computer Science; Government; Economics) will conduct research on joint venture models behind new smart city developments and their impact on public goods in Singapore and South Korea.

Esther Kim (Government; East Asian Studies) will investigate why the US, South Korea, and China have been thus far unable to coordinate foreign policies with respect to North Korea’s human rights violations.  

Chloe Koulefianou (Social Studies; African and African American Studies) will conduct ethnographical and archival research primarily in Lomé, Togo, to explore concepts of neocolonialism and migration through the lens of political trauma.  

Abigail LaBreck (Government; European History, Politics & Societies) will conduct research on the effect of compulsory religious education in public school curricula in Alsace-Moselle on shaping the political ideology of young adults in the region.

Anissa Medina (History & Literature; Comparative Study of Religion) will conduct research in Spain, Mexico, and the US on the transnational memory, commemoration, and history of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt. 

Arthur Gabriel Moura Vieira (Government; Economics) will conduct research in Brazil on how spatial inequality in Latin American cities affect people’s civic, social, and political engagement. 

Fiker Negash (Government) will conduct research in Ethiopia on gender (in)equality and how particular effects on women, such as fertility rate and percentage of women in the labor force, are related to war and other forms of violence. 

Victor Rangel (Government; Global Health & Health Policy) will conduct research in Mexico and Argentina on why clinics adjacent to pharmacies have become more widespread in Latin America over the last thirty years.

Ariel Silverman (Social Studies; Environmental Science & Public Policy) will analyze how the recent democratic deepening of Chile’s political culture is contributing to improved environmental justice outcomes in copper- and lithium-mining communities. 

Alexander Tam (History) will explore American-based activism among Asians and Asian Americans against imperialism in India, China, and the Philippines.

Malaika Tapper (History & Literature) will conduct research in Greece on urban planning, oil infrastructure, and the Cold War in Riyadh.

Jonathan Zhang (Social Studies; Computer Science) will conduct research on the impacts of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative on geopolitical and socioeconomic development in Saudi Arabia.


2021–2022 Graduate Student Associates have their final Friday lunch of the academic year on May 7, 2022 in person and via Zoom. Credit: Michelle Nicholasen