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2015–2016 Kenneth I. Juster Fellows

Portrait of Kenneth JusterThe Weatherhead Center is pleased to announce its 2015–2016 class of Juster Fellows. Now in its fifth year, this grant initiative is made possible by the generosity of the Center’s Advisory Committee Chair, the Honorable Kenneth I. Juster, who has devoted much of his education, professional activities, and nonprofit endeavors to international affairs and is deeply engaged in promoting international understanding and advancing international relations. The Center’s Juster grants support undergraduates whose projects may be related to thesis research but may have broader experiential components as well. The newly named Juster Fellows, all of whom will be undertaking their international experiences this December and/or January, and their projects are:

Javier Felipe Aranzales, a senior government concentrator, will be undertaking a research internship with Evaldesign, a research consulting firm in New Delhi, India, where he will assess the impact of education initiatives in the development sector.

Allyson Rose Perez, a junior social studies concentrator, will travel to Cuba in January to participate in a Food Systems in Cuba research course offered by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst's Sustainable Food and Farming Program. During this time she also intends to explore thesis research topics related to global food systems and policy.

Karla Citlalli Mendoza, a junior cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology concentrator, will travel with a nonprofit organization, Saha Global, to work with local women to establish and implement a sustainable water purification business/entrepreneurship in rural Ghana.

Sarah Nyangweso Michieka, a junior African and African American studies concentrator, will travel to Nairobi, Kenya, to conduct research on attitudes towards voting technology options, a project which she plans to develop into a senior thesis project.

Tessa Mrkusic, a junior human rights and the environment concentrator, will travel to the island nation of Kiribati to conduct research on ethical migration policies affecting populations facing displacement due to climate change.

Henry Sewall Udayan Shah, a junior history and literature concentrator, will travel to Paris, France, to participate in a conference and present qualitative and quantitative research findings gathered from a field research internship initiative he participated in last summer which focuses on access to rights for Roma communities in France through empowerment approaches.

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Center Advisory Committee Chair Kenneth I. Juster.