Research Groups

The Weatherhead Center supports several categories of research groups including: programs, projects, and Weatherhead Research Clusters. These groups provide a framework for faculty, students, visiting scholars, and practitioners to collaborate and work together on focused research projects.

Programs & Projects

Canada Program

The Canada Program, made possible by the William Lyon Mackenzie King endowment, presents rich intellectual opportunities for Canadian studies at Harvard: graduate and undergraduate courses offered by distinguished visiting Canadian scholars across the social sciences and professional schools, dissertation research grants for Harvard graduate students, thesis research and travel funding for Harvard undergraduates, a vibrant seminar series of esteemed Canadian...

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Program on U.S.-Japan Relations

The Program on U.S.-Japan Relations was founded in 1980 in response to Japan's rise as a leading global power. It seeks to advance knowledge of US-Japan relations; contemporary Japanese politics, economy, society, and culture in comparative perspective; common problems of developed democracies; the globalization of Japan's popular culture; the rise of civil society in Asia; the international relations of Asia; and global governance of issues such as trade, environment,...

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SCANCOR at the Weatherhead Center

SCANCOR at the Weatherhead Center, launched in the fall of 2016, explores the role of corporations—and other formal organizations—in the creation of international, social, environmental, economic, and political conventions and norms. The project is based on a visiting scholars program at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University that welcomes faculty who use the tools of organizational science to work on international topics.


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Nurturing the research of graduate and undergraduate students is one of the Weatherhead Center’s highest priorities. The WCFIA helps students financially and intellectually by supporting their research and by encouraging and facilitating collaboration among students and other Center affiliates including faculty, fellows, and visiting scholars. In addition, the Center encourages students to participate in its seminars and conferences. The scholarly community hopes that Harvard students and young scholars find the Center to be a significant intellectual resource for expanding and refining...

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Weatherhead Scholars Program

The Weatherhead Scholars Program offers visiting faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and experienced practitioners the opportunity to spend up to one year at Harvard conducting comparative international research. During their time in residence, Scholars are expected to participate in the biweekly Weatherhead Spotlight and in the program’s Scholars’ seminar; contribute to the Center’s many intellectual activities, including our research clusters; and engage with the undergraduate and graduate student communities.

Erin Goodman is the Scholars Program director. The program...

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Weatherhead Research Clusters