Weatherhead Scholars Program

The Weatherhead Scholars Program welcomed its first class of participants in 2017–2018. Established in 1958, the WCFIA is the largest international social science research center within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. We support international, transnational, global, and comparative research, whether historical or contemporary, including policy analysis.

The Weatherhead Scholars Program offers visiting faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and experienced practitioners the opportunity to spend up to one year at Harvard conducting research. During their time in residence, Scholars are expected to participate in the biweekly Weatherhead Forum and in the program’s biweekly Scholars’ seminar; contribute to some of the Center’s many other intellectual activities, including our research clusters; and engage with the undergraduate and graduate student communities.

Kathleen Molony is the Scholars Program director. The program offices are located at 61 Kirkland Street.

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