Student Programs

2020–2021 Kenneth I. Juster Fellows

Portrait of Kenneth I. JusterThe Weatherhead Center is pleased to announce its 2020–2021 class of Juster Fellows. Now in its tenth year, this grant initiative is made possible by the generosity of the Honorable Kenneth I. Juster, former chair of the Center’s Advisory Committee, and current United States Ambassador to India. Ambassador Juster has devoted much of his education, professional activities, public service, and nonprofit endeavors to international affairs and is deeply engaged in promoting international understanding and advancing international relations. The Center’s Juster grants support undergraduates whose projects may be related to thesis research but may have broader experiential components as well. The newly named Juster Fellows are:

Jacqueline Patel, a senior concentrating in applied mathematics and economics with a secondary concentration in education, is conducting thesis research on the maternal effects of New York City's implementation of its universal prekindergarten program. 

Nidhi Patel, a junior concentrating in government, is studying the efficacy of psychosocial interventions for domestic violence that have been implemented by nonprofit organizations in refugee camps in South Asia. 

Pawel Rybacki, a senior concentrating in economics, is conducting thesis research on the effects of the nineteenth-century partitions of Poland among Austria, Prussia, and Russia on contemporary socio-economic and cultural outcomes and regional disparities. 

Raphaëlle Soffe, a senior concentrating in social studies, is completing her thesis research which analyzes the effect of austerity-induced local service cuts in the UK on political and social correlates of far-right support. 

Swathi Srinivasan, a senior concentrating in social studies, is finishing her research that evaluates today's failures in COVID-19 responses through the lens of changing policy, leadership, and systemic inequality in São Paulo, Brazil.