Spring 2017, Volume 31 Number 2

Spring 2017 cover imageThe spring 2017 issue of Centerpiece highlights the Center's recent activities, including updates on student programs and the Canada Program. In the Message from the Director, Michèle Lamont outlines the busy year after starting to implement external review recommendations—including a new Weatherhead Scholars Program and new research clusters, among other updates. For our first feature, we provide the transcript from the December 2016 Manshel Lecture by Robert O. Keohane titled "International Institutions In an Era of Populism, Nationalism, and Diffusion of Power." The second feature, “In Conversation with Herbert C. Kelman,” is based on an interview with Faculty Associate Emeritus Herbert C. Kelman, whose decades-long presence at the Center has focused on the influence of problem-solving workshops in conflict resolution. And finally, we remember the recent passing of one of the four WCFIA co-founders with In Memoriam: Thomas C. Schelling, 1921–2016.

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Message from the Director
by Michèle Lamont

I am wrapping up my second year as director of the Weatherhead Center, which has been an intense period: this fall was consumed by the external review, and this spring by the implementation of many recommendations from the review committee. The staff and I look forward to a more leisurely pace next year. I particularly relish future opportunities to discuss research with colleagues when the Center’s infrastructural reform is behind us...

In Conversation with Herbert C. Kelman
by Michelle Nicholasen

Although we now think of it as a failed effort, the 1993 Oslo Accord forever changed the nature of the Middle East conflict. It marked the first time Israelis and Palestinians recognized each other’s national identity and legitimacy; it created the Palestinian National Authority and the promise of a two-state solution...

"International Institutions In an Era of Populism, Nationalism, and Diffusion of Power"
The Warren and Anita Manshel Lecture in American Foreign Policy delivered by Robert O. Keohane

It is an honor to give this Manshel Lecture this evening in honor of Joseph S. Nye, whom I have known for almost half a century. I will begin with a few remarks about Joe, before focusing on my major theme: whether, in light of the populist turn in American politics, the “American Century” that he has both explained and celebrated, will continue...

At the Center

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