Spring 2016, Volume 30 Number 2

Image of Spring 2016 CoverThe spring 2016 issue of Centerpiece highlights the Center's recent activities, including updates on several of our programs, including student programs, the Fellows Program, the Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, and The Harvard Academy. The Message from the Director focuses on the multigenerational nature of the Center and four new projects for the upcoming academic year. The feature, “Multiculturalism in Canada's Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora” by Jennifer Hyndman, visiting scholar with the Canada Program, examines everyday multiculturalism in the first- and second-generation Sri Lankan Tamils in Canada. And finally, the feature “In Conversation with…,” is an interview with Quincy Jones Professor of African American Music Ingrid T. Monson, in which she discusses her forthcoming book, The Voice of Kenedougou, and her longstanding interest in the hybrid nature of music.

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Message from the Director
by Michèle Lamont

At the end of a busy year, looking forward to the fall. It is impossible to forget that the Weatherhead Center is first and foremost a research center. One of the ways it fosters research is through collaboration between faculty, students—graduate and undergraduate—visitors, and postdocs.... 

In Conversation with...Ingrid T. Monson
Interview by Meg Murphy and Megan Margulies

Ingrid Monson, Quincy Jones Professor of African American Music, has played the trumpet since she was ten years old. She found her way to jazz after observing that there was much less time spent counting bars of rest in jazz than in an orchestra.... 

Multiculturalism in Canada's Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora
by Jennifer Hyndman

More than ever, multiculturalism is a contested concept and policy. After the recent attacks in Brussels, Paris, and Beirut—among other cities—immigration is increasingly and often erroneously linked to questions of national security, since the assailants are often born in Europe and are full EU citizens. In Europe, multiculturalism is said to have failed; in Canada, it lives on in both policy and practice. But for how long? And in what form?... 

At the Center

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