Weatherhead Scholars Program

Weatherhead Scholars Program fall 2022 group photo

This fall, the Weatherhead Center welcomed its sixty-fourth cohort of Weatherhead Scholars and Fellows. The twenty-four visiting affiliates comprising the Weatherhead Scholars Program (WSP)—seven postdoctoral fellows, ten visiting scholars, and seven practitioner fellows—hail from fifteen countries. They include new and seasoned academics from across the social sciences, and diplomats and civil servants from Nigeria, Mexico, Korea, Poland, and the European Commission.

Scholars and fellows spend up to one year at Harvard conducting historical or contemporary international, transnational, global, and comparative research, including policy analysis. Nearly every Thursday, a different member of the cohort presents their research to the other participants over lunch, often followed by a lively discussion. For instance, on October 27, Kenneth Fann, WSP Fellow and a United States Air Force colonel, was joined by two national security fellows from the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School for an off-the-record discussion on “Military Concerns of a Rising China.” The following week, on November 3, WSP Visiting Scholar Alex Godoy-Faúndez from the Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile presented on climate change mitigation ahead of his trip to Egypt for negotiations at the 2022 UN Climate Change Conference. 

Students chat while waiting in line for waffles at the waffle truck

Scholars and Fellows interact with the Harvard community in many ways, from hiring undergraduate research assistants to engaging with the Center’s research clusters, auditing classes, and connecting with other units around campus. To kick off the year, the WSP and the student organization International Relations on Campus (IRoC) cohosted the second annual Waffles at the Weatherhead event, catered by the Zinneken’s waffle truck, on September 14. On September 21, the program hosted a neighborhood reception for visiting affiliates at the tent outside its offices at 61 Kirkland Street. Eight area centers cosponsored the reception, which welcomed over ninety international affiliates in the Cambridge Street and Kirkland Street vicinity. 

Finally, some members of this fall’s cohort visited the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Suite on September 27, home of the present-day FDR Foundation—a nonprofit organization based at Adams House, one of the undergraduate houses at Harvard University. The organization is dedicated to preserving the memory of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and to the renewal of their legacy for the twenty-first century.  

Scholars Program director Erin Goodman welcomes local research center affiliates at an outdoor networking event on the green at 61 Kirkland Street


  1. 2022–2023 Weatherhead Scholars Program affiliates. Credit: Martha Stewart
  2. Visiting affiliates from eight centers gathered on September 21, 2022 for a fall neighborhood networking reception hosted by the program. Credit: Jimena Codina (DRCLAS)
  3. On September 13, 2022 the program sponsored Waffles at the Weatherhead to introduce undergraduate students to Center affiliates. Credit: Michelle Nicholasen