Significance of the 686 Program for China in Global Mental Health


Good, Mary-Jo DelVecchio, and Byron J Good. 2012. “Significance of the 686 Program for China in Global Mental Health.” Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry 24 (3): 175-177. Copy at
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Quietly, with little apparent notice from even the strongest advocates for global mental health, China is undertaking the world’s largest - and arguably most important - mental health services demonstration project, a project focused on providing comprehensive care for persons with severe mental illnesses. As Professor Ma indicates in her short report, the ‘686 Project’ was launched as part of China’s commitment to rebuild its public health infrastructure following the SARS epidemic, and has now moved beyond the initial pilot phase into a process of scaling up community mental health services throughout the country. China is currently moving toward passage of its first national mental health law, so the project has profound implications for mental health policy in the country. It will also provide useful models for the development of mental health policies in other countries with limited mental health personnel.

Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry

Last updated on 09/18/2013