Publications by Author: A. Modrowski, Kathleen

Marks, Stephen, and Kathleen A. Modrowski. 2008. Human Rights Cities: Civic Engagement for Societal Development. UN HABITAT and PDHRE. Publisher's Version Abstract

This publication reviews one strategy that addresses both a broader and a narrower dimension of urban poverty. The Human Rights Cities Program is not directed toward securing legal title as a means of protecting the urban poor from market eviction and gentrification or to catalyze investment in low-income housing. It is rather a broader strategy of empowering inhabitants of communities to find collectively the ways and means of ensuring respect for their human rights, including the right to adequate housing, component elements of which are security of tenure, access to basic urban services, transport and mobility, financial services and credit, women’s empowerment, urban citizenship, income and livelihoods. It is thus a broader strategy than securing legal tenure.