Philosphies of Multiculturalism


May, Paul. 2016. Philosphies of Multiculturalism. Paris: Sciences Po Press. Copy at
Philosphies of Multiculturalism


Multiculturalism has been a constant topic in the media, an idea that underlies much sociological analysis of phenomena, ranging from the waves of migration in Europe to educational programs in the US, to the question of Islam in Western democracies. It is central to critical concerns in today’s globalized world—immigration, social cohesion and the development of the nation-state, among others.

Even today, however, multiculturalism is poorly understood as a social theory: What are its philosophical origins and current trends? What criticism has it drawn among political philosophers?
In this work, Paul May surveys the importance of Bhikhu Parekh, Charles Taylor, Will Kymlicka and James Tully and others who have developed, criticized, and discussed the idea of multiculturalism.

Available in the original French, this work is an indispensable guide for students, researchers, and citizens alike.

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