Kenneth I. Juster Fellows

Image of Philip Balson

Philip Balson

Kenneth I. Juster Fellow. Department of History, Harvard College.
Research interests: Strategy and Credibility: How American and British Visions for Southeast Asia Evolved in Crisis and Framed Escalation in Vietnam (1961–1964). 
Image of Julia Bunte-Mein

Julia Bunte-Mein

Kenneth I. Juster Fellow. Department of Anthropology, Harvard College.
Research interests: Sustainable agriculture and agency of smallholder farmers.
Image of Tom Osborn

Tom Osborn

Kenneth I. Juster Fellow. Department of Psychology, Harvard College.
Research interests: Mental health intervention in Kibera Slums, Kenya.
Image of Isabel Parkey

Isabel Parkey

Kenneth I. Juster Fellow. Committee on Degrees in History & Literature, Harvard College.
Research interests: UNESCO, Mali, and the Utilization of Cultural Heritage in a Divided Nation.
Image of Christina Qiu

Christina Qiu

Undergraduate Associate; Kenneth I. Juster Fellow; Simmons Family Research Fellow; Undergraduate Research Intern. Department of Applied Mathematics, Harvard College.
Research interests: Labor integration of Roma migrants in modern France.
Image of Russell Reed

Russell Reed

Kenneth I. Juster Fellow. Special Concentration in Geography and Development, Harvard College.
Research interests: A land history of gorilla conservation in the Albertine Rift.
Image of Ryan Zhang

Jinyuan Ryan Zhang

Kenneth I. Juster Fellow. Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, Harvard College.
Research interests: How ASEAN has shaped the treatment of Chinese Confucians, an ethnic and racial minority, in Indonesia.