Kenneth I. Juster Fellowships for Undergraduate Research and Travel

For Harvard undergraduates only.

The Weatherhead Center is pleased to offer grants to support undergraduate field research or field experience in the areas of international relations, international trade and economic affairs, international development, international negotiation and dispute resolution, and global governance and affairs. Funding has been made available by Harvard alumnus Kenneth I. Juster, who has devoted much of his education, professional activities, and nonprofit endeavors to international affairs and is deeply engaged in promoting international understanding and advancing international relations. The grant recipients are known as Juster Fellows and become Undergraduate Associates of the Center.

Awards and Benefits

The Center awards four to six Juster Fellowships each year. The size of the grant will vary depending on the country of destination, length of stay, and type of program in which the recipient will be participating, as well as the budget outlined in the proposal.

Who Is Eligible

Harvard College sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to apply for field research or field experiences in international affairs. Most grants will be awarded to students in the social sciences (anthropology, economics, government, history, social studies, and sociology), but the Center may support applications from students in other fields that meet the criteria stated above.


Grants will support projects to be carried out during the winter break, between semesters, or a term-time leave of absence. Funds may be used for internationally focused field experiences or field research, including—but not necessarily tied to—research in support of senior theses.

How to Apply

The Center will judge each proposal on the strength of its research design and methodology, the applicant's preparation for the project, the demonstrated academic achievement of the applicant, the feasibility of the project and the need for field research to fulfill its goals, and its relevance to the grant's areas of focus as stated above. An individual asked to write a letter of recommendation should receive a copy of the proposal before her/his letter is written.

The Weatherhead Center uses an electronic application platform, the Centralized Application for Research and Travel (CARAT). Please read all the instructions on this page as well as in CARAT before beginning your application. Recommenders must upload their letter of recommendation for your application to CARAT; instructions on how to do this can be found on the top menu under “Funding Sources” after logging into CARAT. A complete application will consist of:

  • the CARAT cover sheet and budget,
  • a proposal of approximately 750–1000 words,
  • a one-page résumé,
  • a current transcript or grade report, and
  • one letter of recommendation.

Each of these items, including the letter of recommendation, must be uploaded to the CARAT application and then submitted electronically by the deadline.


October 24, 2022