Dissertation Writing Grants

For Harvard graduate students in doctoral programs only.

The Weatherhead Center awards Dissertation Writing Grants to support advanced Harvard graduate students in doctoral programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences or in the professional schools. The purpose of the Weatherhead Center Dissertation Writing Grant is to release students from one semester of teaching in order to allow them to fully focus on writing their dissertation without the burden of teaching or other employment.


The Center plans to offer up to eight awards of approximately $16,925 each, equal to the standard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) dissertation writing fellowship stipend.

Who Is Eligible

Grants are awarded to students who are in the writing stage of their dissertation but have not reached their completion year, such as G5s and G6s, though particularly advanced G4s may be considered. An applicant’s dissertation must be related to the core research interests of the Center. These interests are broadly defined to include research on international, transnational, global, and comparative topics, both contemporary and historical, including rigorous policy analysis and the study of regions or countries outside of the United States. Single-country projects will be considered only if situated in a broader international/comparative context.


Weatherhead Center Dissertation Writing Grant recipients will be named Graduate Student Affiliates of the Center, and they will be encouraged to attend Weatherhead Center seminars and events and to connect with Center faculty, experienced practitioners, graduate students, undergraduates, and visiting scholars. Office space is not provided. Recipients of these grants may not hold a GSAS Merit Fellowship, a dissertation completion fellowship, or any other term-time grants during the same semester. Priority for these grants will be given to students who will not hold any other fellowships during the academic year and who have not held a Merit Fellowship or an academic-year writing grant in prior years. Grants are awarded for either the fall or spring semester; grant recipients may use their funds while writing their dissertations in residence at Harvard or elsewhere.

How to Apply

The Weatherhead Center uses an electronic application platform, the Centralized Application for Research and Travel (CARAT). Please read all the instructions on this page as well as in CARAT before beginning your application. Recommenders must upload their letters of recommendation for your application to CARAT. Applicants are encouraged to visit the GSAS Fellowships Office website for information on these grants and similar grants offered by other Harvard funding sources as well as helpful information on writing grant proposals and preparing applications.


February 20, 2023


Email Clare Putnam for more information.