Student Conference at the United States Naval Academy (NAFAC)

For Harvard undergraduates only.

Harvard undergraduates concentrating in the social sciences and interested in learning about issues in US foreign and international affairs may apply to participate in the annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference (NAFAC) in Annapolis, Maryland, along with other undergraduates from all over the United States. The three-day conference typically takes place in April, and and brings together over 150 students to participate in roundtable discussions. Delegates work together to design solutions to many different domestic and international issues. 

Last year’s conference explored the topic, “Partnership in the 21st Century.” The world order faces challenges no single actor can overcome alone. Truly transnational, emerging challenges introduce a new level of complexity that traditional instruments of state power are hard-pressed to manage. What role do liberal values play in bolstering trust among democracies? Is it possible for traditional allies to advance their own security and prosperity while sufficiently balancing commitments to their partners? The conference explored what it takes to achieve sustainable alignment between values and interests when constructing partnerships to respond to twenty-first-century challenges.

For more information on the Naval Academy and the conference, please visit the NAFAC website.

Awards and Benefits

The Weatherhead Center will nominate two undergraduates to attend NAFAC. The Center will pay their conference fees and contribute toward transportation costs to and from Annapolis.

How to Apply

Send a resume and cover letter explaining why you would like to attend, and email them in one PDF document to Clare Putnam in March 2023.