Discretionary Grants

Faculty Associates may apply for discretionary grants of up to $2,500 for research relating to the core interests of the Center. This research focuses on international, transnational, global, and comparative national issues and may address contemporary or historical topics, including rigorous policy analysis, as well as the study of specific countries and regions outside the United States. These grants may be used for a variety of research-related purposes, including attendance at academic conferences, graduate or undergraduate research assistance, indexing of a research volume, and research-related travel when no other funding sources are available. Funding is not available for photocopying or book purchases. This category allows faculty to apply for support on short notice.

Who Is Eligible

Faculty Associates of the Weatherhead Center are eligible for discretionary grants.

How to Apply

Proposals should be one or two pages in length and include a brief budget. Decisions on the grants are made by the Center's director and executive director. Applications for discretionary grants should be submitted to the executive director, Theodore J. Gilman.


Requests under this program may be submitted throughout the academic year, but the number of grants is limited.


Faculty who receive these research grants will be expected to contribute actively to the collective intellectual life of the Center. Faculty who receive this support should acknowledge the Center in their research publications. All grant recipients must submit a one-page memo at the end of the academic year reporting on the use of Weatherhead Center grant funds. Reporting memos are due June 30.

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