Conference | Changing Middle Classes: Comparative and Global Perspectives


Saturday, September 22, 2018, 9:00am to 3:00pm


CGIS South Building, 1730 Cambridge Street, Belfer Case Study Room (S020)

Presented by the Weatherhead Research Cluster on Comparative Inequality and Inclusion

No registration required. Free and open to the public. Click here or see below to view the Day 2 agenda.


Amy Stockton

Our cluster's goal is to gain a more fine-grained understanding of the many complex processes that feed both inequality and inclusion. We consider in particular how to reduce recognition gaps in advanced industrial societies.

Saturday, September 22

9:00–10:45 Session IV: Class Trajectories and Mobility

Chair: Jessica Welburn Paige, Sheila Biddle Ford Foundation Fellow, Hutchins Center for African & African American Research, Harvard University; Assistant Professor, Sociology and African American Studies, University of Iowa.

“Paris’ Refounded Neighborhoods and the Refusal of Socio-Spatial Integration”
Bruno Cousin, Assistant Professor, Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics, Sciences Po, Paris.

“Class and Inequality in the Shadow of Law in China”
Ya-Wen Lei, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Harvard University.

“Global Security Strategies across the Pacific: Professional-Middle-Class Chinese Parents in Taiwan and the US”
Pei-Chia Lan, Distinguished Professor, Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University.

Discussant: Jason Beckfield, Faculty Associate; Chair, Weatherhead Initiative on Gender Inequality. Chair; Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Harvard University.

10:45–11:00 Coffee Break (provided)

11:00–12:45 Session V: Politics and Social Movements

Chair: Jennifer Hochschild, Faculty Associate. Henry LaBarre Jayne Professor of Government; Chair, Department of Government; Professor of African and African American Studies, Department of African and African American Studies, Harvard University; Harvard College Professor.

“Becoming Gay-friendly: ‘Coming Out’ and the Production of Gay-friendly Attitudes amongst the Straight Upper Middle Classes in France and in the US”
Sylvie Tissot, Professor of Political Science, Department of Political Science, Université de Paris 8.

“Middle Class Under Increasing Economic Risk in Russia and China”
Chunling Li, Professor, Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing.

“How We Became Black: Racial Activism in Contemporary France”
Abdoulaye Gueye, Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa.

Discussant: Ellis Monk, Faculty Associate. Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Harvard University.

12:45–2:00 Lunch (provided)

2:00–3:00 Concluding Session: What We Have Learned

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