What's Wrong with Democracy? — The Challenges and Promise of Democracy in the Middle East, South Asia, and the US

April 12, 2019

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Modern democracy was conceived as an experiment in governance and takes many forms around the globe. In South Asia, the Middle East, and the US, democratic institutions face unprecedented challenges including the rise of populism, the influence of social media, and extreme political posturing. In light of 1) US efforts to encourage and strengthen democracy abroad that have been intermittent and tempered by realpolitik, and 2) the aspirations of many citizens from these areas for greater political participation, what might these national political entities learn from one another?

About the Program:

ClassACT HR ‘73 has launched the Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program to create positive change by supporting promising individuals from predominantly Muslim countries who have a proven commitment to the principles our classmate, Benazir Bhutto, espoused—democracy, equality for women, reconciliation of religious and cultural differences, and education for all without gender or religious bias.

Cosponsored by ClassACT HR73 and its Benazir Bhutto Leadership Program.

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