Economic History Workshop

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The Economic History Workshop (Economics 3336) is an interdisciplinary offering of the Department of Economics. In continuous operation for about fifty years, the workshop has become an exceptionally important forum for economic historians in the greater Boston area, serving as a lively and deeply informative seminar for those interested in long-term economic change, economic growth, and development. Papers and updated schedules are available for participants before each meeting on the workshop's website. Every year, the best and the brightest historians are recruited to present their new papers to the group. The workshop organizers for the 2015–2016 year include Claudia Goldin, Nathan Nunn, Eric Chaney, and Melissa Dell.


Eric Chaney

Faculty Associate. Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Harvard University.

Melissa Dell

Faculty Associate. Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Harvard University; Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows.

Claudia Goldin

Henry Lee Professor of Economics, Harvard University.

Nathan Nunn

Executive Committee; Faculty Associate. Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Harvard University.

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