Science, Technology, and Society Seminar: STS Circle at Harvard

This seminar is open to the public.

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The Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Circle at Harvard is a weekly colloquium series fostering interdisciplinary conversations about contemporary issues in science and technology that are relevant to people in fields including anthropology, history, history of science, sociology, STS, law, government, public policy, the natural sciences, engineering, and medicine. The series engages junior and senior scholars and practitioners interested in the nature of knowledge and the role of expertise in modern societies. It brings together social scientists and humanists working at the intersections of science, politics, and public policy, as well as those in the sciences, engineering, medicine, and design who have a serious interest in exploring these areas with representatives of other disciplines.

There is a strong interest at Harvard in systematic, cross-disciplinary discussions related to science, technology, and society. Dissertation writers and recent graduates in many fields are working on exciting topics that intersect with science and technology and are asking questions that often require analytic tools that are not offered by the traditional disciplines. In an effort to meet their needs, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences now offers a secondary field in STS. Secondary field students, among others, present their research in the STS Circle as the culmination of their studies in the field.

Until we resume in-person seminars, all meetings take place on Mondays from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m. on Zoom, unless otherwise noted. Please consult the STS Circle at Harvard page on our website for RSVP details. 

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