Freedom School: A Graduate Seminar on Theory and Praxis for Studies of the African Diaspora

This seminar is closed to the public.

In partnership with the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, this graduate-level seminar utilizes popular education pedagogy, as students cocreate a syllabus and course rooted in the intersections of theory and praxis. This seminar seeks to foster collaborative learning, while offering space for students to further dissertation, thesis, and general research work. Students may enroll in this year-long course for either one or both semesters, and will receive credit accordingly. 

Guiding questions for the course include: How can we reimagine the ‘canon’ of contemporary black radical thought and scholarship in the United States to be more inclusive and expansive? How can we use student scholarship and community leadership to expand our conceptualization of this canon? How do we, as scholars, engage in material and structural change in response to our present sociopolitical, cultural, and economic realities? We engage black intellectuals and cultural producers such as Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Sylvia Winters, Alicia Garza, Robin D.G. Kelly, Kendrick Lamar, and others. Dinner and books are provided for all enrolled students. 

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Najha Zigbi Johnson

Master of Theological Studies Candidate, Harvard Divinity School.