Economic Development Workshop (ECON 3105)

This seminar is open to the public.

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This year-long course (Economics 3105) is offered to graduate students for academic credit. The workshop invites economists from other universities and institutions to present their work on topics in development economics and is open to the public. Graduate students and faculty members from the Department of Economics, the Harvard Kennedy School, the Harvard Business School, as well as other departments and schools within the University and from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology meet weekly to attend the lectures and discuss the papers presented. Graduate students studying development economics who are about to complete the PhD program and enter the job market also present their work in progress during the fall semester. The papers presented are available before each talk and are usually posted on the course website. Faculty members and graduate students from neighboring universities regularly attend the workshop.

The seminar is organized jointly with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Economics Department.

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Jie Bai

Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School.