Social-Psychological Approaches to the Study of International Relations: Definition of Scope


Kelman, Herbert C. 1965. “Social-Psychological Approaches to the Study of International Relations: Definition of Scope.” Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Copy at
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Jan 31, 1965


During that past decade or so, ever–increasing attention has been paid to the systematic analysis of the psychological aspects of international relations. There has been a steady growth of theory and empirical research on problems of international behavior in general, which has included the concerted use of psychological – and particularly social–psychological – concepts and methods. Part of this development has involved the attempt to define certain aspects of war and peace as researchable problems, to which the tools of behavioral science can be applied. At the same time, psychologists and social scientists in related fields have increasingly addressed themselves to matters of policy in the field of international relations: They have questioned some of the psychological assumptions underlying various approaches to foreign policy and have developed policy recommendations based, at least in part, on psychological considerations.

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