Publications by Author: Young-Suk Kim

International Education for the Millennium
Kim, Young-Suk. 2006. International Education for the Millennium. Edited by Sarah Dryden-Peterson and Benjamin Piper. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press. Publisher's Version Abstract

International Education for the Millennium offers a detailed and comprehensive look at this vitally important field. Centrally concerned with the development of successful education systems and institutions throughout the world, the volume addresses those pressing questions—about access, equity, and quality—that inform the field today. The volume sheds light on important areas within this vast field: on contemporary theoretical work and research; on a range of national and international policies; and on education reform in developing countries.

 A volume that considers international education on the global, national, and local levels—and that addresses theoretical, scholarly, and practical matters—International Education for the Millennium offers an impressive array of ideas, perspectives, and resources for scholars, policymakers, and practitioners.