Publications by Author: Anastas, Paul T

Clark, William C., Kira J. M. Matus, Paul T. Anastas, and Kai Itameri-Kinter. 2008. “Overcoming the Challenges to the Implementation of Green Chemistry”. Abstract

The Harvard-Yale-ACS GCI Green Chemistry Project is investigating the overall question of the circumstances under which firms can enact innovations that have both economic and environmental benefits, through a focused examination of the implementation of green chemistry. The research project has taken up three fundamental, interrelated questions: What factors act as barriers to the implementation of green chemistry? What actions can be taken by the government, academia, NGO’s and industry that will help alleviate these factors? What are the policy implications of these barriers and potential actions, for all of the involved stakeholders?

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Also published as CID Working Paper No. 155, December 2007.