Publications by Author: Frost, Laura J

Reich, Michael R, and Laura J Frost. 2009. How Do Good Health Technologies Get to Poor People in Poor Countries?. Harvard University Press. Publisher's Version Abstract

Many people in developing countries lack access to health technologies, even basic ones. Why do these problems in access persist? What can be done to improve access to good health technologies, especially for poor people in poor countries?

This book answers those questions by developing a comprehensive analytical framework for access and examining six case studies. Access to health technologies in poor countries is shaped by social, economic, political, and cultural processes. To understand those processes, the authors develop an analytic framework based on four A's—Architecture, Availability, Affordability, and Adoption.

The book applies this approach to explain why some health technologies achieved more access than others. The technologies include praziquantel (for the treatment of schistosomiasis), hepatitis B vaccine, malaria rapid diagnostic tests, vaccine vial monitors for temperature exposure, the Norplant implant contraceptive, and female condoms. The book is based on research studies commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The book is available in its entirety for download at Access.