Publications by Author: McCann, James A.

Domínguez, Jorge I, and James A McCann. 1995. “Shaping Mexico's Electoral Arena: The Construction of Partisan Cleavages in the 1988 and 1991 National Elections.” American Political Science Review. American Political Science Review. Publisher's Version Abstract

In the 1998 and 1991 national elections, Mexican voters asked themselves above all whether they continued to support the long–ruling official party. Voter behavior was not well explained by attachments to social cleavages, attitudes on policy issues, or general assessments about the present circumstances and the prospects for the nation's economy or personal finances. In both elections, moreover, the parties of the Left failed to mobilize voters that had chosen to abstain in past elections. Once voters were ready to oppose the ruling party, however, differences by issue, prospective economic assessments, and social cleavages shaped their choice between opposition parties.