Publications by Author: Bereuter, Doug


I have been asked to speak today about the role of Congress in the formulation of foreign policy. This certainly is a broad mandate, but I will do my best to address the issue. Let me say at the outset that my remarks will be general, and designed to provoke follow–up questions. I propose to: First, spend a few minutes explaining the different roles for the Executive branch and the legislature as set forth in the Constitution. While this may seem elementary, it is essential to a proper understanding of current role of Congress in foreign policy. Second, discuss specific trends in congressional foreign policy—institutional trends like the increased power of the Appropriations Committee, and general policy trends like the increased reliance on sanctions, a somewhat decreased appreciation for security concerns, and continued suspicion of multi–national agencies and initiatives. And, finally, I will take a moment to discuss how the recent election and the transition from Speaker Gingrich to speaker Livingston and other leadership changes might affect congressional foreign policy.

Bereuter, Doug. "Key Issues in Congressional Foreign Policy Making." Working Paper 99–02, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, March 1999.

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