Center for History and Economics (CHE)

The Joint Center for History and Economics is based at Harvard University and at Magdalene College and King's College, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. It was established at Harvard in 2007 to promote research and education on subjects of importance for historians and economists. Its aim is to provide a forum in which scholars can address some of their common concerns through the history of economic and social thought, through economic history, and through the application of economic concepts to historical problems. The objective of the Center is to encourage fundamental research in history, economics, and related disciplines. It also encourages the participation of historians and economists in addressing issues of public importance.

In conjunction with its counterpart Centre at the University of Cambridge, the Harvard Center undertakes research projects and organizes workshops, seminars, and exchanges of faculty and graduate students. It provides the base for current research projects on Exchanges of Economic, Legal, and Political Ideas; on Energy History; and on Visualizing Historical Networks; as well as for the History Project and the Prize Fellowship Program in Economics, History, and Politics.

Sunil Amrith, Mehra Family Professor of South Asian Studies, and Emma Rothschild, the Jeremy and Jane Knowles Professor of History, codirect the Center for History and Economics at Harvard. Emma Rothschild codirects the Cambridge Centre. The Harvard Center's executive committee consists of Professors Sunil Amrith, Abhijit Banerjee, Kenneth Mack, Charles Rosenberg, Emma Rothschild, Elaine Scarry, and Richard Tuck. The Center’s faculty associates are Professors Sven Beckert, Sugata Bose, Nikolas Bowie, Sidney Chalhoub, Arunabh Ghosh, Benjamin Golub, Alison Frank Johnson, Walter Johnson, Namrata Kala, Harriet Ritvo, Victor Seow, Brandon Terry, and Adrian Vermeule.

Emily Gauthier is the center's administrator and Jennifer Nickerson is the research and fellowships coordinator. The program offices are located at 1730 Cambridge Street.

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