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The Fellows Program is the principal forum for the interaction of practitioners with the faculty, students, and visiting scholars of the Weatherhead Center. The program was inaugurated in 1958, simultaneously with the establishment of the Center itself, in the belief that the Center's research activities would benefit from the contributions of non-academic professionals with broad practical experience in international affairs, and that the Center could broaden the practitioners' horizons and deepen their understanding of the contemporary issues in which they are professionally involved. While on campus, Fellows are exposed to social science theories and research intended to place their experiences in an academic perspective. Their primary activity is to work on a research project of their choosing. They may also organize and lead study groups for Harvard undergraduates, participate in seminars at the Center and elsewhere, provide advice to undergraduate and graduate students, and otherwise interact with the faculty, visiting scholars, and other members of the University's community. Past Fellows have been senior diplomats, military officers, politicians, journalists, international civil servants, officials from nongovernmental organizations, and business leaders from around the world. The single characteristic they share is leadership in international affairs, as demonstrated by both a record of past achievement and the promise of future accomplishments.

WCFIA Roundtable on World Affairs

Discussions among faculty, Fellows, graduate students, and visiting scholars are part of the Center’s day-to-day life. The WCFIA Roundtable on World Affairs harnesses such conversations and places them in a more formal setting. The roundtable is specifically designed to take advantage of the considerable expertise of Center Fellows, who are usually asked to take the lead in presenting their ideas on an issue of current or continuing importance in world affairs. The roundtables convene twice each semester. A panel of three or four Center affiliates, including Fellows, usually begins the discussion with brief remarks on the topic of the day. A general discussion follows with the goal of encouraging analytical approaches to the research interests of all members of the Center’s scholarly community.

Kathleen Molony is the Fellows Program director. Heather Conrad is the Fellows Program coordinator. The program offices are located at 61 Kirkland Street.

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Program Heads

Kathleen Molony

Director, Fellows Program; Executive Committee.

Michèle Lamont

Weatherhead Center Director; Faculty Associate. Robert I. Goldman Professor of European Studies; Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology; Professor of African and African American Studies, Department of African and African American Studies, Harvard University.