David Ifkovits Image

David Ifkovits

Graduate Student Affiliate. PhD Candidate, Department of Government, Harvard University.

Research interests: Democratization; intraparty politics; and legislatures.

Michael Impink Image

Michael Impink

Fellow, WCFIA Fellows Program. Senior Manager, Windows Product Marketing and Licensing, Microsoft Corporation.

Research interests: Intellectual property in emerging markets.

61 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Makoto Iokibe Image

Makoto Iokibe

Senior Fellow, Program on U.S.-Japan Relations. Chancellor, Prefectural University of Kumamoto; Professor Emeritus, Kobe University; President, Hyogo Earthquake Memorial 21st Century Research Institute.

Research interests: Rise of China and Asia-Pacific international relations; reconstruction from natural disasters in modern Japan; and comparative analysis of the earthquakes in Kobe, Tohoku, and Kumamoto.

61 Kirkland Street, room 203
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 495-1890
Akira Iriye

Akira Iriye

Faculty Associate (emeritus). Charles Warren Research Professor of American History, Emeritus, Department of History, Harvard University.

Research interests: Postwar non-geopolitical issues in international affairs; and international movements for environmental protection, human rights, and for establishing networks among nongovernmental organizations (NGO).

Robinson 215
Cambridge, MA 02138
f: (617) 496-3425
p: (617) 496-5054

Polina Ivanova

Graduate Student Affiliate. PhD Candidate, Department of History, Harvard University.

Research interests: Economic and environmental history; material culture studies; and medieval Mediterranean, medieval Iran, and central Asia.

Torben Iversen

Torben Iversen

Faculty Associate. Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy, Department of Government, Harvard University.

Research interests: Comparative political economy; politics of inequality and economic performance; modern welfare states; electoral politics; and applied formal theory.

1737 Cambridge Street
Room K308
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 384-5847
Lakshmi Iyer

Lakshmi Iyer

Faculty Associate. Associate Professor, Business, Government, and the International Economy Unit, Harvard Business School.

Research interests: Political economy; economic development; historical institutions; property rights; public goods; and civil conflict.

Morgan Hall 267
Boston, MA 02163
f: (617) 496-5994

Emeka Izeze

Fellow, WCFIA Fellows Program. Former Managing Director/ Editor-in-Chief, Guardian Newspapers LTD, Lagos Nigeria.

Research interests: The growing security threats to West Africa due to the growth of radical Islamic groups in the Maghreb and Africa.

61 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Dennis Jancsary Image

Dennis Jancsary

Visiting Scholar, SCANCOR (fall 2016). Assistant Professor, Institute for Organization Studies, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Research interests: Organizational institutionalism; the theorization of management knowledge; and multimodal rhetoric.

Maya Jasanoff

Maya Jasanoff

Faculty Associate. Professor of History, Department of History, Harvard University.

Research interests: Modern British and imperial history, with special attention to colonial South Asia; the British Atlantic world; and Britain's relations with Europe.

27 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 495-4303
Sheila Jasanoff

Sheila Jasanoff

Faculty Associate. Pforzheimer Professor of Science and Technology Studies, Harvard Kennedy School.

Research interests: Science, technology, law, and politics in the United States, Europe, and South Asia; European and US biotechnology; and international environmental regulation.

79 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 495-7902
Joelle Jenny Image

Joëlle Jenny

Fellow, WCFIA Fellows Program. Former Director, Security Policy and Conflict Prevention, European External Action Service.

Research interests: Instability and violent conflicts in a connected and globalized world; societies' resilience to violent conflicts and security threats; and Euro-Atlantic security.

61 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Baber Johansen

Baber Johansen

Faculty Associate. Professor of Islamic Religious Studies, Harvard Divinity School.

Research interests: The relationship between religion and law in the classical and modern Muslim worlds.

Andover 122
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617) 495-1014