S.V. Subramanian Leading New India Policy Insights Initiative

February 28, 2022
Faculty Associate S.V. Subramanian, professor of population health and geography at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, is leading a new partnership between India Policy Insights (IPI), his flagship project at the Geographic Insights Lab, and the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI), the official policy design and innovation think tank for the Government for India. India Policy Insights is a collaborative initiative created to support precision public health policy in India by providing a comprehensive online geo-visual data platform of policy-relevant population health... Read more about S.V. Subramanian Leading New India Policy Insights Initiative

Dani Rodrik Receives $7.5M Grant to Establish Economics Research Initiative

February 23, 2022
Faculty Associate Dani Rodrik, Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy at Harvard Kennedy School, is the corecipient—along with Gordon H. Hanson, also of Harvard Kennedy School—of a $7.5 million grant to establish the Reimagining the Economy Project. The grant, awarded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, is part of a $40 million effort to fund academic programs on neoliberalism. The new project spearheaded by Rodrik and Hanson will focus on empirical studies of policymaking and local economies. 

Jason Beckfield Selected Robert G. Stone Jr. Professor of Sociology

February 17, 2022
Faculty Associate Jason Beckfield, professor of sociology, has been selected to be the inaugural Robert G. Stone Jr. Professor of Sociology, a position that recognizes an outstanding scholar in international studies. A longstanding member of the Harvard Corporation, Stone (‘45–’47) was a shipping executive who was legendary for his indefatigable fundraising skills. He passed away in 2006, and will be widely remembered for his commitment to undergraduate financial aid, student athletics, and international studies, according to a... Read more about Jason Beckfield Selected Robert G. Stone Jr. Professor of Sociology

A Message to the WCFIA Community about the Comaroff Letter

February 14, 2022

Dear members of the Weatherhead Center community:
The past week has been very difficult for our WCFIA community. A group of 38 Harvard faculty members (including 22 WCFIA affiliates) issued an open letter, which questioned the University’s misconduct investigations of and sanctions against John Comaroff, an anthropology professor and a WCFIA faculty associate. A few days later, three anthropology graduate students filed a lawsuit against Harvard, charging that the University willfully ignored years of Comaroff’s sexual harassment. A group of 73 Harvard faculty members (...

Read more about A Message to the WCFIA Community about the Comaroff Letter

Laura Diaz Anadon Awarded Fellowship from University of Cambridge

January 26, 2022
Former Faculty Associate Laura Diaz Anadon, Professor of Climate Change Policy at the University of Cambridge, is the recipient of a JM Keynes Senior Fellowship in Financial Economics. The JM Keynes Fellowship Fund, established by the University of Cambridge, supports fellows from a wide range of expertise, whose research falls within the areas of finance, financial institutions, and financial markets—and how those areas interact with microeconomic behavior and macroeconomic performance.

Tarek Masoud Named Coeditor of Journal of Democracy

January 14, 2022
Faculty Associate Tarek Masoud, the Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman Professor of International Relations and professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School, was appointed coeditor of the Journal of Democracy by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The Journal of Democracy is a leading publication on the theory and practice of democracy around the world, and since its establishment in 1990, has shaped the thinking on major challenges that confront democracies. Masoud has an extensive background in leadership and academic scholarship, and backs the NED’s mission of... Read more about Tarek Masoud Named Coeditor of Journal of Democracy

Amy Catalinac Wins Leon Weaver Award at APSA

December 20, 2021
Former GSA and Postdoctoral Fellow Amy Catalinac, now assistant professor of politics at New York University, is the corecipient of the 2021 Leon Weaver Award for her paper “Geographically-Targeted Spending in Mixed-Member Majoritarian Electoral Systems.” The award is given to the best paper presented at the previous American Political Science Association (APSA) on a conference panel sponsored by the Representation and Electoral Systems Section. The paper was subsequently published in World Politics, a quarterly journal of international relations. 

Greg Afinogenov Wins Lincoln Book Prize

November 29, 2021
Former Graduate Student Associate Greg Afinogenov, assistant professor of history at Georgetown University, has received several awards for his new book, Spies and Scholars: Chinese Secrets and Imperial Russia’s Quest for World Power (Harvard University Press, 2020). He is the corecipient of the 2021 Lincoln Book Prize, awarded annually for an author's first published monograph or scholarly synthesis that is of exceptional merit and lasting significance for the understanding of Russia's past. He is also the corecipient of the Thomas J. Wilson Memorial Prize, and his book made it to the... Read more about Greg Afinogenov Wins Lincoln Book Prize

Alejandro de la Fuente Wins John Phillip Reid Book Award

November 24, 2021
Faculty Associate Alejandro de la Fuente, Robert Woods Bliss Professor of Latin-American History and Economics and professor of African and African American Studies at Harvard University, is the corecipient of the 2021 John Phillip Reid Book Award for his book with Ariela J. Gross, Becoming Free, Becoming Black: Race, Freedom, and Law in Cuba, Virginia, and Louisiana (Cambridge University Press, 2020). The award is given to the best monograph by a mid-career or senior scholar, published in English in Anglo-American legal history. 

Max Jacobs Receives Fellowship with The Charlemagne Prize Academy

November 15, 2021
Center Fellow Max Jacobs, policy advisor for the Green Parliamentary Group Bundestag, received a fellowship award for the Charlemagne Prize Academy. The Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize appoints five fellows every year to work on their projects on the future of Europe. The endowed one-year program consists of individual research, the fulfillment of personal milestones, networking events, and a final presentation of the publication of prospective research results.