2019–2020 Welcome Message from Acting Director Melani Cammett

August 23, 2019

Image of Melani CammettWelcome to the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. Our community of scholars researches complex international, transnational, global, and comparative topics at the frontier of the social sciences. We aim to focus on the most important questions facing societies across the globe. 

It is a challenge to focus the research energy of a community that spans nine of Harvard’s thirteen schools, but our six ongoing Weatherhead Research Clusters offer broad areas for shared study. The clusters focus on international security; the reconfiguration of regions in a multipolar world; religion in public life in Africa and the African diaspora; challenges to democracy; global transformations; and comparative inequality and inclusion. In addition, we continue to support our ongoing Weatherhead Initiative on Afro-Latin American studies.

This will be the third year of the Weatherhead Scholars Program. This program offers more than two dozen visiting faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and experienced practitioners the prospect of spending up to one academic year at Harvard. Scholars have the opportunity to get involved in the new research clusters and engage with the Center community.

Our Center is committed to facilitating research that permeates throughout the Harvard intellectual community. Our affiliates include more than 230 Harvard Faculty Associates and over 150 graduate and undergraduate students, visiting scholars, fellows, and postdoctoral researchers. They are brought together under a pluralistic theoretical and methodological umbrella.

Our community meets on a biweekly basis in our Weatherhead Forum, which is open to our residential community and occasionally streamed on Facebook. Each talk highlights a different program, project, or research group, and feeds ongoing substantive exchanges and a robust intellectual community.

Numerous other ongoing programs, projects, and conferences complete the range of research activities underway at the Weatherhead Center. We support over thirty regular seminars organized by many intellectual partners on a wide range of topics.

For over sixty years, the Weatherhead Center has shaped the agenda of the social sciences in the United States and the world. The Center will continue to shape the future of scholarship, just has it has in the past.

I hope you will enjoy joining the activities of the Weatherhead Center this coming 2019–2020 academic year. I warmly invite you to get involved in all our events and activities, and to explore our publications—including our Epicenter blog. Stay tuned by following us on Twitter and Facebook.


Melani Cammett 
Acting Director, Weatherhead Center
Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs
Professor of Global Health and Population