Undergraduate Research Workshops and Conference

For Harvard undergraduates only.

The Center holds workshops to help Harvard College undergraduates design and carry out their research and a conference to showcase the fruits of their research. The workshops, given by Faculty Associates, graduate students, and staff of the Weatherhead Center, are designed specifically for undergraduates who are conducting, or planning to conduct, senior thesis research. The workshops provide undergraduates with practical information on formulating a successful proposal, applying for grants, conducting field research, and writing a thesis. For the purpose of helping students in the last stages of their thesis writing, a conference in February features the thesis research findings of the Center's Undergraduate Associates. Chaired by a faculty member, graduate student, or Harvard Academy Scholar, each panel at the conference features presentations by three or four undergraduates, allowing time for questions, recommendations, and discussion. Faculty, Fellows, graduate students, and other members of the Weatherhead Center and the Harvard community attend the conference.

Who Is Eligible

All undergraduates who are exploring or conducting thesis research and writing are invited to attend the workshops. Workshops are open to students in any concentration.


Undergraduate research workshops will take place in February and April. The spring thesis conference will take place from February 2 to February 3, 2017.

For More Information

Contact Clare Putnam for more information and specific workshop dates.