Small Grants for Dissertation Fieldwork Assistance

For Harvard graduate students in doctoral programs only.

This program provides small grants of up to $4,000 for Harvard doctoral students (G3 and above) in the social sciences whose dissertations focus on international topics and require fieldwork abroad, and whose field access has been disrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The funds are intended for immediate use, to help such students cover the costs of research-related assistance/activities in the field so that they are able to bring their projects to completion. Need is an important criterion; preference will be shown to students who have no current funding for fieldwork-related costs, and/or who cannot repurpose an existing grant for such a use.

How To Apply

The application letter (four-page single-spaced limit) should be accompanied by an approved dissertation prospectus and submitted with a letter of support from the dissertation adviser. The application letter should: (1) address the student’s need for the funding, making clear how the applicant’s plans have been disrupted by the pandemic; (2) present the proposed plan for the use of the funds, making clear how the work can be undertaken responsibly and safely in the current environment; and (3) indicate the importance of the grant for bringing the dissertation to completion.

The funds can be used at any point in the 2021–2022 period. There are three deadlines during the year for submission of applications. Letters of applications may be submitted electronically and directed to Dr. Ted Gilman. The first deadline is Friday, May 28.


May 28, 2021


Email Ted Gilman for more information.