Faculty Nominations for Weatherhead Center Associates

Associates are unpaid affiliates—academics or practitioners—from outside institutions whose credentials and interests align with the mission and objectives of the Weatherhead Center. Associates may participate in activities such as scholarly collaboration with WCFIA Faculty Associates, student mentorship, or they may lead a WCFIA-sponsored seminar or study group.

Associates receive an unpaid, one-year renewable appointment that is subject to an initial approval and subsequent annual reappointment review by the Weatherhead Center Steering Committee. Associates must ordinarily hold paid, full-time employment outside of Harvard University. An exception from the Dean must be requested in cases where an Associate does not meet the outside employment requirement.


Requests will be reviewed twice each year on October 1 and April 1.

How to Apply

Please submit a letter of support justifying the nomination by briefly detailing the nature of the individual’s research and proposed role/activities at the Center and the nominee’s CV to the executive director, Theodore J. Gilman.

See also: Faculty Grants