Undergraduate Research Assistants to Faculty Associates

The Weatherhead Center invites Center Faculty Associates to apply for research assistance from Harvard College undergraduates. These undergraduates hail from a variety of disciplines, and have research interests relating to the work of the Center. The Center can hold workshops run by its Graduate Student Associates to teach undergraduate research assistant candidates specific skills such as Excel, SSCI, LexisNexis, JSTOR, Stata, PowerPoint, OmniPage Pro, HeinOnline, EndNote, and WordStat, among others.

Who Is Eligible

Any Weatherhead Center Faculty Associate who has a research need that can be met by an undergraduate may apply.

How to Apply

Interested faculty should contact Ann Townes.


The Center accepts student applications throughout the year, but prefers to receive indications of faculty interest by September 9 for the fall term and February 3 for the spring term.


The Weatherhead Center provides fifty percent of the cost of the research assistantship at a rate of $17 per hour, for up to ten hours per week. Research assistance may include some of the following: quantitative and qualitative data research, data entry and spreadsheet management, locating source materials held by the Harvard Library, finding and evaluating sources on the Internet, analyzing and summarizing research materials, compiling bibliographies, reference checking, and helping to proofread and edit written work. Faculty who receive support from the Center should acknowledge it in future publications of their research.

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