Tuesday Seminar on Latin American Studies (Zoom)


Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 12:00pm to 2:00pm


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"Impact of Venezuela Migration on Latin America"

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Feline Freier, Associate Professor of Political Science, Universidad del Pacifico.

João Carlos Jarochinski Silva, Professor in Society and Borders Program, Federal University of Roraima.


Frances HagopianFaculty Associate. Jorge Paulo Lemann Senior Lecturer on Government, Department of Government, Harvard University.


Paola Ibarra

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Of the more than 5.6 million Venezuelans who have left Venezuela since 2017, more than 70 percent have migrated to Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Despite their stated intention to remain in the countries that received them, they often lack regular migration status, and they have suffered from unemployment or employment discrimination and restricted access to health care and local schools. Their presence has also generated new political divides in the countries in which they have settled. Panelists will explore a range of impacts of Venezuelan migration on the region.