Science, Technology, and Society Seminar: STS Circle at Harvard


Monday, April 24, 2017, 12:15pm to 2:00pm


CGIS Knafel Building, 1737 Cambridge Street, Bowie-Vernon Room (K262)

"Wrong Way after Nuremberg: Misconceiving Research Ethics"


Daniel Wikler, Mary B. Saltonstall Professor of Ethics and Population Health, Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard School of Public Health.

Co-sponsored by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University.


Shana Ashar


Sheila Jasanoff, Faculty Associate. Pforzheimer Professor of Science and Technology Studies, Harvard Kennedy School.

Lunch is provided if you RSVP via our online form by Thursday of the week before the event.


Daniel Wikler is the Mary B. Saltonstall Professor of Ethics and Population Health in the Department of Global Health and Population at the Harvard School of Public Health and in the Harvard Program in Ethics and Health, a university-wide research and training initiative. He has co-taught Ethical Issues in International Health Research at Harvard for many years and in over 15 developing countries. He served as the first “staff ethicist” at the World Health Organization in Geneva, directing an international collaboration among philosophers and economists on ethical, methodological, and philosophical issues raised by WHO’s work in measurement of the global burden of disease and in developing methods for improving health resource allocation. Prof. Wikler was co-founder and second president of the International Association of Bioethics, which places particular emphasis on developing countries, and of the American Association of Bioethics. His published work addresses many issues in bioethics, focusing in recent years on population health, including issues in resource allocation.