Empire, Nation, Federation: South Asia's Freedom in Global Perspective (In-Person)


Sunday, October 9, 2022, 10:30am to 3:30pm


Tufts University, Cabot Building 7th Floor, 160 Packard Ave. Medford, MA 02155

"Empire, Nation, Federation: South Asia's Freedom in Global Perspective | Harvard-Tufts Conference on the 75th Anniversary of Independence and Partition"

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When South Asia won freedom from British colonial rule seventy-five years ago, some of the finest and most far-sighted ideas in the realm of anticolonial thought lost out in the struggle for power at the helm of postcolonial states. Those political and economic ideas have acquired renewed global salience in the twenty-first century at the vortex of the complex and symbiotic relationship between the forces of democracy and authoritarianism. This conference engages in a creative process of historical retrieval of visions for substantive democracy and federal union during the struggle for freedom that remained unrealized during the postcolonial transition. Can a reengagement with those ideas enable us to better face the challenges of authoritarianism in the present and provide the basis for a more equitable and democratic global order? 

Cosponsored by the Asia Center of Harvard University and the Center of South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies, Tufts University.


Sarah Banse