Project on Shi'ism and Global Affairs

The Project on Shi’ism and Global Affairs at the Weatherhead Center undertakes advanced research on the multifaceted and diverse manifestations of Shi’ism in the contemporary world. The study of Shi’ism, religious mobilization, and the challenges of sectarian conflict is more pressing now than ever in modern history. From the war in Yemen, the civil strife in Syria, and the devastation in Iraq and beyond, Shi’a movements have emerged as a significant dynamic on the Middle...

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SCANCOR-Weatherhead Partnership

The SCANCOR-Weatherhead Partnership, launched in the fall of 2016, explores the role of corporations—and other formal organizations—in the creation of international, social, environmental, economic, and political conventions and norms. The project is based on a visiting scholars program at the Weatherhead Center that welcomes faculty who use the tools of organizational science to work on international topics.

This eight-year project, led by Government Professor Torben Iversen, partners the Weatherhead Center with the...

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