Open Seminars

Seminar in Economic History and Economic History Graduate Student Workshop (ECON 3004)

This seminar is open to the public.

The Seminar in Economic History (previously Econ 3104) is an interdisciplinary offering of the Department of Economics. In continuous operation for about seventy-five years, the Harvard Economic History Seminar has become a key forum for economic historians across divisions and departments as well as throughout the greater Boston area, serving as a lively and deeply informative seminar for those interested in long-term economic change, economic growth, and development. Papers and updated schedules are available for...

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Cultural Politics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

This seminar is open to the public.

This seminar functions as a forum for lectures and intellectual exchanges on cultural politics across disciplines and national or historical boundaries. The main focus of the seminar is on cultural politics across nations in the era of globalization and on the use of culture as a soft power strategy in international relations. Synchronic as well as diachronic explorations of current debates on the tensions between hegemonizing and marginal, local, or minor cultural discourses are presented and commented on by policy makers...

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Comparative Politics Speaker Series

This seminar is open to the public.

The seminar serves as a forum for discussing new research in the field of comparative politics. The series meets three to four times per semester (in coordination with the Comparative Politics Workshop) and features presentations of ongoing research by visiting speakers and Harvard faculty working in political science and related fields. The seminar features methodologically diverse presentations on political developments in many regions: Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South and East Asia. Professors...

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Canada Seminar

This seminar is open to the public.

The Canada Seminar, chaired by the William Lyon Mackenzie King Visiting Professor of Canadian Studies, examines Canadian social, economic, cultural, and political issues in their domestic and international dimensions. Presentations are made by public figures, scholars, artists, and experts in various fields to provide Harvard faculty and students, and the broader community, a look at Canadian scholarly and public life. The seminar seeks to enhance the understanding of one of the United States' closest allies and largest...

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