Authoritarianism, Academic Freedom, and Historical Knowledge

Spring 2022

This conference is open to the public.
Special event seminar series to discuss the role of the academy, and of academics, historians in particular, in an age of advancing authoritarianism. Why does history matter in our present circumstances? What is the responsibility of the university at a moment of resurgent authoritarianism? More pointedly, what is the global role of Harvard University in these troubled times? How does it balance its mission to support academic freedom, teaching, and research when faced with powerful interests around the world not primarily committed to those same goals? How can the university—how can our university—remain a place of unfettered critical inquiry and expression when its mission depends upon accommodations with governing and corporate interests—in the US and abroad—that may, in some cases, be attacking or undermining just that freedom of inquiry in countries from Brazil to India and Turkey, and beyond?

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