Global Food+ 2021

February 12, 19, 26, and March 5, 2021

This conference is open to the public.

This event will build on the success of two previous Global Food+ research conferences held at Harvard, the first in February 2015 and the second in February 2017.

The success of these past conferences can be traced to the urgency and global reach of our topic: how can the global food system in the twenty-first century both provide sufficient and nutritious food for a growing population while also contributing to social justice, improving dietary health, and protecting the environment and natural resource base on which the well-being of future generations will depend. Harvard may not have a school of agriculture or a department of food science, yet a surprising number of Harvard and Boston-area faculty engage in research addressing this nexus of concerns. Our past Food+ conferences showcased this kind of faculty research by featuring 20–25 seven-minute “speed talks” by individual faculty, both junior and senior, from many different schools at Harvard and also from other Boston-area universities. The speed talk format builds and maintains audience excitement by introducing a new research focus every seven minutes. It also puts research—and our local researchers—center stage, where they belong.

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Alicia Harley

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Sustainability Science Program, Harvard Kennedy School of Government.