2015 Weatherhead Center for International Affairs Conference in Talloires, France

June 19–21, 2015

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This conference is closed to the public.

The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs organizes annually a gathering of international participants in Talloires, France, to address current issues in international affairs. The 2015 Talloires Conference identifies central trends and emerging structures in international politics and their implications for the foreign policies of Western democracies and major actors. Four topics give rise to panel discussions: the collapse of Europe’s post-Cold War order, the European Union under stress, power shifts and rising tension in East Asia, and the rise of ISIS.

The topics covered in the past include:

  • "Securing International Order: The Global Economic Crisis and the U.S.-European Relationship." (2010)
  • "The Middle East and World Order: A Continued Focus of Transatlantic Concern." (2011)
  • "1985–2012–2040: The United States and Europe within Changing Global Politics." (2012)
  • "The Internet and International Politics: Implications for the United States and Europe." (2013)
  • "Rebalancing toward Asia-Pacific: The Transatlantic Dimensions." (2014)
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