Spaces, Scales, and Routes: Region Formation in History and Anthropology

May 1–2, 2015

This conference is open to the public.

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In recent years, various regions have drawn growing interest in scholarly and popular debates. Clandestine migration overflows national borders along routes that often follow historical connections. Regionalist projects draw on pre-industrial pasts as they attempt to create supra-national political and economic formations. Infrastructural projects like pipelines, offshore mineral exploitation, highways, and telecommunication cables bind places and articulate stakes in ways that both reimagine the past and reconfigure the future on a vast scale. Yet, most academic analysis of these trends oscillate between local, national, and global scales of analysis. This conference seeks to examine the spaces, scales, and routes of such dynamics by promoting a comparative approach to region formation.


Vincent Brown

Faculty Associate. Charles Warren Professor of American History, Department of History; Professor of African and African American Studies, Department of African and African American Studies, Harvard University.

Ajantha Subramanian

Faculty Associate; Harvard Academy Senior Scholar. Professor of Anthropology and of South Asian Studies, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University.

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