The Transformation of Intractable Conflicts: Perspectives and Challenges for Interactive Problem Solving

March 27–29, 2014

This conference is closed to the public.

This conference is held in honor of Professor Herbert C. Kelman, who developed a method of conflict management known as “Interactive Problem Solving Workshops,” and involves representatives who are indeed influential, but not directly integrated into policy making and therefore more flexible to deal with each other and create new ideas. Panel discussions include various aspects of conflict in the Middle East as well as methods and strategies of conflict resolution. The conference also aims to help strengthen the network of conflict resolution researchers.


Herbert C. Kelman

Faculty Associate (emeritus). Richard Clarke Cabot Research Professor of Social Ethics, Department of Psychology, Harvard University.

Augustin Nicolescou

Co-Director, Herbert C. Kelman Institute for Interactive Conflict Transformation.

Jurgen Pirker

Assistant Professor, The University of Graz.


Herbert C. Kelman Institute for Interactive Conflict Transformation, the University of Graz, and the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation.

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