Local States of Play: Land and Local Capitalism in China

November 8, 2013

This conference is closed to the public.

Attendees of this book conference are reading and discussing a book manuscript on land politics, property rights, and the institutions of Chinese capitalism. Based on a subnational comparison of three cities in a single region, the book examines the local evolution of regimes that govern property rights over land in urban China. In addition to the subnational analysis, the book also situates national policy over land to argue that the Chinese Communist Party has intentionally used land as a mechanism with which to regulate the macroeconomy since the 1990s. The book will appeal to those interested in Chinese politics, comparative political economy, and issues of property rights and urbanization.


Meg Elizabeth Rithmire

Faculty Associate. Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Business, Government, and the International Economy Unit, Harvard Business School.

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